The Side B Band Music

The Drummer: Curiosity

You are a visionary, a forward thinker who is the heartbeat of the band/company. You are always interested in bringing the best future to the company.

The Lead Guitarist: Passionate

If you are the lead guitarist, your legacy is incredibly special. What you do by nature is hold people accountable and drive results. 

The Bass Guitarist: Ethical

Ethical, what an important legacy to leave, you are an exceptional communicator, deep in integrity and rich in unique sound.

The Pianist: Sincerity

The pianist seems to be strong in many paradoxical traits and have balance of both left and right brain or the ability to use both white and black keys of the piano.

The Rhythm Guitarist: Trustworthy

The Rhythm Guitar is a powerful instrument, and its primary role is collaboration and rhythm. Usually the sound that can provide motivation and trust.

The Vocalist: Optimistic

You are the front man/woman of the band with command of the room, empowering others to come on your journey of positivity, while providing clarity and direction.

The Violinist: Certain

You walk with an aura of confidence and swag surrounding you; yet it is unpretentious. With four strings and a bow, you are rich in tone and dynamics and not afraid to experiment.  

The Conga Drums: Courage

You stand in strength and do not fear change. You are easily adaptable, have you heard the conga drums, they are so simple, yet produce such bold sound.

The Saxophone: Gracious

You are rich in self-awareness and your depth of gratitude shows no boundaries. You are diverse in thought, listen with intentionality and provide a safe space to be able to share and reflect.

The Harmonica: Kindness

You are very powerful in achievements and goals and speak from both your heart and mind. Just like the harmonica sound can be soft and sharp at the same time.

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