The Violinist: Certain

I would like to introduce The Violinist or the Certain Legacy Behavior. You walk with an aura of confidence and swag surrounding you; yet it is unpretentious. As the violinist, you have to be precise and certain to the placement of where the bow will land and strum on your instrument or your business plans. With four strings and a bow, you are rich in tone and dynamics and not afraid to experiment. 

There is something very special about this legacy behavior, it is understood that while confident and risk takers, you are also very conscientious about doing what is right and have a natural ability to influence others with certainty and joy.

If your legacy is certain, we are hungry for your advice, knowledge, and confidence. You are the Violinist.

“Trying to please everybody is impossible—if you did that, you’d end up in the middle with nobody liking you. You’ve just got to make the decision about what you think is your best and do it.” John Lennon

How can you spot The Violinist behaving in their Certainty Legacy?

  1. Decisive Decisions with Certainty is their motto.
  2. They are confident and walk with a swag.
  3. They enjoy generating new ideas and taking risks.
  4. They show complete conviction about what they believe in.
  5. They influence others naturally.

About Paula S. White

A globally recognized sales leader with experience in scaling Inside Sales Teams into multi-million stand-alone sales channels. Using unique perspectives and a forward-thinking approach, while achieving 8% – 10% compounded yearly growth and leading from a foundation of heart and mind. A passion for people, purpose and results has lent itself to experience in a variety of industries: travel and tourism, investments, veterinary and healthcare distribution.