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After 30 years in “Corporate America,” Paula decided to start her career 2.0, in 2021. While this may not have been the time to become an entrepreneur, it was certainly time for a change.

As a person who likes to build teams and help organizations, it was imperative that she create something different, something innovative for leaders to tap into. 

As an avid concert goer, she flew to Atlanta to see one of her favorite bands live, The Struts. As she was enjoying the evening and singing, it hit her. She asked herself“what if” leaders rocked the same attention from their teams as musicians do from their fans? 

From there, she found her calling…. 

She would help leaders become a Rockstar Leader who taps into their Side B Behaviors to increase engagement, retention, and creativity, which will ultimately lead to extraordinary results. 

If you would like to have Paula on your show please contact her at [email protected].  If you’d like to read her full story, click here.

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