Side B: Remix Your Leadership Style

Show Up As The Leader You Were Meant To Be (And That Your People Need To See) With The Power Of Your Playlist

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“Paula’s writing draws from both art and science to help you forge a new roadmap and bring your best, WHOLE self to the people you lead and collaborate with in the workplace as well as the people you love and care for in your personal life.”

Michele Kelly
Writer, Editor & Co-Founder
of K+L Storytellers

Paula's New Book

It’s A Mistake Throwing Your Real Self Away For The Sake Of Leading People The “Right” Way…

Working 24/7, trying to be #1, keeping the emotions buried inside…

For 15 years, I lost myself in the myth of what it means to be a “great” leader. 

Sure. It’s why I got so good at transforming inside sales teams into multi-million dollar sales channels.

But it’s also what caused me to lose out on my health, sense of self, and family.

(And eventually, my team of superstar employees when they all quit on me.)

When it all fell apart, it got me wondering how I could:

  • Be more effective as a leader through my unique character qualities

  • Achieve greater work/life balance while taking on a leadership role

  • Create a lasting and positive impact on the people I’d be serving

… so I wasn’t leaving a legacy behind as “Mrs. Micromanaging Workaholic”.

(Especially since that wasn’t even really me to begin with!)

Rather, it was just a performance I had been putting on based on what I thought was the “right” way to lead.

Because honestly, I didn’t think it was even possible to show up as your real self in a leadership role.

Until one day…

My husband and I went to see The Struts play live.

And I noticed everyone was singing, jumping around, waving their hands… and still wanting more even after it was all over!

It got me thinking…

What if leaders could rock the same attention from their teams?

When we got back, I started researching the works of scientists and psychologists who had been studying the power of music on people.

And I can now say with complete confidence that:

Music is the ultimate leadership hack.

One that allows you to lead as your most authentic self and build a legacy that will be impacting everyone you serve positively for years and years to come.

If you’d like to learn how to do that as a leader for your own people, then you’ll definitely want to check out my brand new book…


Side B: Remix your​ Leadership Style

I wrote Side B for the leaders who want to tap into their full potential so they can start achieving greater results at work, inspiring the people they serve, and enjoying a more balanced lifestyle.

Over the last 30 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders from all over the world. Some were great, others not so much…

… and a few who were extraordinary.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

It all comes down to leading as your authentic self.

The problem is a lot of us lose sense of who we really are (our “Side B”) as we spend the early years of our careers putting emphasis on our “Side A”…

We end up working as hard as we can so we can earn our title and sit at the big table… only to end up feeling completely disconnected at some point or another in both our work and life.

But by tapping into your “Side B Legacy” behaviors and using the power of your personal playlist to channel your TRUE power as a leader…

You’ll be leading people more effectively and living life more purposefully in no time.

Once you grab your copy of my new book, you’ll have the exact step-by-step guide to start taking your leadership to the next level with: 

  • Using Music As Your Secret Advantage: Why showing up as your “whole” self through music is the key to becoming an extraordinary leader (that people want to be around)…
  • Winning The Workplace With Melody: The 3 ways you can use music to start being more creative, productive, and empowering as a leader… every single day!
  • Pausing Your “Side A” Leadership: Why you don’t want to stay “stuck on repeat” for too long climbing the corporate ladder and building a great résumé…
  • Playing Your “Side B” Leadership: How to fast forward to the “other half” needed for reaching your full potential (that all leaders get to eventually when they’re older)…
  • Composing Your Leadership Symphony: The 10 powerful, positive emotion-based behaviors for rocking your X-factor like the superstar leader you were meant to be…
  • Leaving Your Best Legacy: How to serve your people better, produce better results and live more purposefully using the power of your perfect playlist…


So what are you waiting for?

Ready to start showing up better than ever as the leader you were meant to be (and the one your people need)?If so, click the button below to grab your copy of my Side B book now!


Paula White

A globally recognized sales leader with decades of experience scaling inside sales teams into multi-million dollar channels, Paula is on a mission to empower others in unlocking their full potential as leaders through the power of music. 

As an acclaimed lyricist, coach, and lifelong lover of music, Paula shows us how we can all grow better as leaders through our personal playlists and lead others more effectively through our authentic selves.

Because everybody has the practical, “Side A” behaviors that allowed them to become great leaders in the first place.

But it’s the mastery of one’s “Side B Legacy” behaviors that’ll ultimately allow them to start showing up as the extraordinary leader they were meant to be.

What Everyone’s Saying About The Book…

Side B: Remix Your Leadership Style shows you how to enjoy a more fulfilling career and create a thriving work culture by helping you get in touch with your true potential as a leader through the power of your personal playlist. 

Inside, Paula White shares with you the exact 10 “Side B Legacy” behaviors and step-by-step framework needed for bringing out your best, most authentic leadership yet.