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Drive Results Through Conscious Communication

Experience the essence of Conscious Communication: Trust, Respect, Awareness, and Clarity, all leading to Connection. At our workshops, we believe in creating trust, earning respect, promoting awareness and clarity, and deepening intrinsic understanding are the cornerstone principles that pave the way for effective connection. By embracing these foundational values, communicators can create environments where dialogues thrive, ideas emerge, and relationships are strengthened with intention and understanding. 

Where It Started: Knowing Your Side B

The concept of T.R.U.E. Communication originated from the understanding of intrinsic behaviors, aiming to enhance proficiency in the softer skills that play a pivotal role in driving revenue.  Our Side B! 


RCA introduced the “45” as a way to put one hit song on one side of that little vinyl record. It was named because of its play speed of 45 rpms. Of course, they couldn’t leave the back side blank, so there was always a song on Side B known as the “other” side of the record, the side not often played and doesn’t get a lot of recognition. One thing for sure was the artist could afford to take a risk and be authentic on Side B and sometimes, that recording became hidden hit for many.

I also began to understand that Side B is where I wanted to be, it was most important to me to work from this track, Side B, the silent track of leadership and sales. Those were my strengths and that’s when it changed, that’s when I changed.  I understood, Side B is essential to Side A in both music, leadership and sales.  We need to be able to balance both skills and behavioral traits to become an extraordinary. 

Uncovering your Side B is an opportunity for development, much like these Side B songs: Hound Dog by Elvis; Good Riddance by Green Day; I am the Walrus by Beatles; Maggie by Rod Stewart; Can’t Always Get What You Want by Stones; We Will Rock You by Queen. These are all Side Bs hits that people fell into and fell in love with. Let people hear your Side B and become the leader or person you were meant to be!  

Leadership, Communication and Collaboration Expert

Rock Star Workshops with Paula

Step into Paula White’s Workshops, where she is on a mission to turn your workplace into a rhythm-infused jam session of collaboration, communication, creativity, and clarity. 

Guided by the Conscious Communication Framework,  her workshops are more than just sessions; they’re personalized experiences that crank up communication for exceptional results, turbocharge collaboration, and amp up productivity.

Secure your VIP Backstage Pass today! Whether you’re after Team Building, Facilitation, or Rock Star Workshops to morph your team into a revenue-driving powerhouse, our workshops blend listening, language, and communication styles seamlessly into your processes.


Transform your team into a powerhouse of innovation and collaboration, where every member shines like a star on stage, propelling your organization to new heights of success.

Conscious Communication Series:

Uncover the hidden language of leadership, mastering the art of communication to create profound connections, wield influence, and lead with authenticity in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Middle Manager Leadership Development Workshops:

Forge a new era of leadership by embracing paradoxes, honing senior leaders’ competencies, and nurturing visionary leaders who will shape the future of your organization.

Facilitation & Strategic Business Sessions:

Arm your business with the strategies and foresight needed to navigate change with grace, craft a blueprint for enduring success, and harness the art of persuasion to drive exponential growth in today’s dynamic marketplace.


People Are Talking

Paula is a fantastic coach and a wonderful person. She really makes you visualise and believe where you could be/want to be and works with you on the steps to get you there. I now not only have a coach who is helping build on my confidence all the time, with tried and tested techniques, as well as creating our own, to push me out of my comfort zone when required. Paula is a total breath of fresh air and I would (and have) recommended her to others, without a shadow of a doubt.

– V. Whittaker

I had the opportunity to connect with Paula at a unique point in my life. I was in the process of transitioning from my 20-year marketing career to becoming a CRM Consultant. At that point, I had the chance to start her Individual Leadership Coaching Program. It was a fantastic experience, and it came in perfect timing. She empowered me by offering her support in defining my career road map and helping me to understand and recognize myself as a leader. Her kindness and attentive personality were a highlight in the process. I am so glad to have the opportunity to be coached by her.

– A. Vaz

Ready to invest in your People?

If you’re ready to invest in your performance growth and bring people into rhythm, let’s get started. Email me at: [email protected]


Explore Your Side B Legacy

Legacy, referring to the part of you seen by others in any career move, in the way you treat people that you associate with and serve, and how you leave each workday in your natural gift that inspires and impacts others. Often, people do not like to think of the past as the future, but it is important to uncover who you are as you are serving people and help write the future for those generations of leaders coming up, we must prepare the future leaders and leave the team, people, and company in the best shape possible. This is not about making a name for yourself or the title you hold, it is about the silent serving of people. It will ultimately be the people, who describe your legacy, not you. However, if we know the strength, we hold for the best legacy we could leave, then let’s stand in the legacy and work to make it the best part of us, our Side B gift.

Your Story, Your Leadership Development

With our deep-rooted passion to help others and the gift of exploring how music can serve your talents. We begin with the Harrison Assessment tool, where you will gain personal insights to your preferences, tendencies and interests that affect attitude and behaviors which can profoundly impact productivity and engagement. Harrison’s Leadership Development Assessment is a unique 25-minute SmartQuestionnaire to provide a deep dive into the behaviors that make leaders successful. Paradox Technology accurately determines whether your leadership strong behavioral traits are genuine strengths or costly derailers. Whether you are an emerging leader or senior leader, this essential understanding of leadership behaviors and stress responses can empower your career path.

Curate Your Personal "Legacy" Playlist

We will dive into what are your musical memories, musical motivations, and your musical mindset to develop a playlist for you to have the opportunity to be creative, productive, and empowering at the same time. The playlist will be uniquely yours and curated to your musical tastes.

Building Better Teams!

In today’s complex work environment, individual talent is not enough to succeed and team performance is equally critical to achieve targets. By identifying the team’s dynamics to maximize their strengths and develop their weaknesses, a manager relies on what they know, which can lead to bias and favoritism. Therefore, we provide a Team Workshop to help managers enhance team performance, by identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, as it relates to the team. Using the Harrison Assessment’s Paradox Theory will enable a deep understanding of the team interactions as well as how everyone’s behaviors contribute to or obstruct team objectives. Harrison’s Team Development results in a step-by-step plan in which each team member can adjust to improve team performance.

Remote Workforce Analytics

The face of sales is changing, and there is an overwhelming need to understand if an employee has the behavioral competency to work remotely. But there is no technology that is 100% reliable and we rely on our intuition. Therefore, we have a tool that has been developed to specifically assess Remote Work Behavioral Competencies to help organizations maximize performance and meet the challenges of working in a remote environment. Using the Harrison Unique Behavioral Competencies framework, we have developed two new competencies for Remote Productivity and Remote Communication. There are two versions of the competencies: One for remote workers and the other for leaders who manage remote workers.

Theme Song

As a company, do you want to create a Theme song to hit your goals? You will experience writing lyrics, defining a genre and receiving a completed song in MP$ format, to use for Team Meetings, National Sales Meetings, motivate individuals, remain committed to one goal or mission or even use your MVVGP to explore your company song.