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Have you ever questioned your leadership methods because they don’t fit the traditional mold? You tried doing what everyone is doing but it didn’t feel true to you? That was me for 15 years of my career.

It was not until I invested my own time and money that I understood my distinctive leadership style. When I started to be true to myself, I began to build a foundation of results using a variety of techniques with a “People First” mindset. It is my belief that “People First” goes beyond a simple approach that translate to results.

I am on a mission to help sales organizations implement these methods and to teach sales leaders how to get the results they are looking for by grounding their leadership with People, Purpose and Results.

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To empower sales leaders to embrace their unique style of leadership and help them find the courage to be the champion and advocate for their team that they desire to be.

Leadership Team Workshop

Your colleagues bring unique personal qualities to the performance of your organization and weaving their strengths into your team’s dynamic is essential for success.  However, each manager brings personal biases that are counterproductive, and may significantly impact performance. 

Therefore, at Side B Consulting, we provide a Leadership Team Workshop to help managers enhance team performance. You’ll receive the following: