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We make it easy to have a Both/And Approach to Leadership

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When you reflect on your leadership, you take time to think about what you have done well and what could be improved. This helps you to learn from your experiences and become a better leader.  


When you refine your leadership, you take steps to improve the way you lead. This might involve changing the way you communicate with your team or developing new strategies for achieving goals.


Remixing your leadership is the art of becoming both business savvy and intentionally connected to your team to leave a legacy that will empower results.


Are you or your organization ready to develop people to become the leaders they are meant to be? Leadership is a choice. It's not a role or a rank. Research has identified that self-awareness is an essential requirement to becoming an effective leader. The better you understand your true self and what motivates you, the easier it will be to focus your energy on defining and directing the changes that need to take place to get you where you want to go. Being a great leader is a process, not an event, and self-awareness is the first step on your leadership journey.

The Reflect Program

One Day Program
For Individual Leaders

If you are an individual looking to get into leadership or a current leader looking to learn and improve your own style, this program is perfect for you. This Reflect Program includes one session meant to kickstart your self-awareness journey. We’ll review your Harrison Survey results together in a 60-minute debrief and go over your personalized leadership paradox graph. 

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The Reflect and Refine Program

3-Month Program
For Organizations or Individual Leaders

If your organization is looking identify and develop future leaders, this three-month program is perfect for you. Or, if you are an individual leader who desires to take control of your development, this program is perfect for you. This program includes a survey, personal interview, and an opportunity to Reflect and Refine two under-developed traits uncovered during the debrief to begin a self-awareness journey with an action-plan.

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The Reflect, Refine and Remix Program

8-Month Program
For Organizations

If your organization is looking to identify and develop 10 or more future leaders, this 8-month program is for you. This program is the Platinum record of all of our experiential learning programs. It is the complete package with an emphasis on developing participants’ skills in three areas: self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and people skills. Participants will work through three phases of the program, each focusing on a different aspect of leadership development. It is designed to Reflect, Refine, and Remix your unique leadership styles.

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What to Expect

Leaders who participate in the full program will develop a self-awareness of their leadership style and develop people skills to new
heights. They will also know how to access resources available to them. This experiential learning program is designed for leaders
who want to learn how to reflect on their own leadership style, refine their skills, and remix their approach to leading others. The
aim of this program is to help participants understand their personal strengths and weaknesses as leaders, as well as give them
the tools they need to tune into their natural people skills. By the end of the program, participants should feel empowered to be
both business savvy and intentionally connect with their teams and the organization.

✔ Inspiring:  Designed for leaders who want to improve their skills and learn new techniques.
✔ Actionable: Direct application and action planning.
✔ Awareness: Gain a deep understanding of self-awareness, see the unseen.
✔ Perspective Shift: Focus on creating a “both/and” culture.
✔ Innovative:  Using music as a tool, and metaphor.     
✔ Fun: An unforgettable experience.         
✔ Unexpected: Experiential learning helps leaders understand themselves as a whole leader.


“You can buy a person’s hand, but you can’t buy his heart. His heart is where his enthusiasm, his loyalty is. You can buy his back, but you can’t buy his brain. That’s where his creativity is, his ingenuity, his resourcefulness.”

Stephen Covey

Explore Your Side B Legacy

Legacy, referring to the part of you seen by others in any career move, in the way you treat people that you associate with and serve, and how you leave each workday in your natural gift that inspires and impacts others. Often, people do not like to think of the past as the future, but it is important to uncover who you are as you are serving people and help write the future for those generations of leaders coming up, we must prepare the future leaders and leave the team, people, and company in the best shape possible. This is not about making a name for yourself or the title you hold, it is about the silent serving of people. It will ultimately be the people, who describe your legacy, not you. However, if we know the strength, we hold for the best legacy we could leave, then let’s stand in the legacy and work to make it the best part of us, our Side B gift.

Your Story, Your Leadership Development

With our deep-rooted passion to help others and the gift of exploring how music can serve your talents. We begin with the Harrison Assessment tool, where you will gain personal insights to your preferences, tendencies and interests that affect attitude and behaviors which can profoundly impact productivity and engagement. Harrison’s Leadership Development Assessment is a unique 25-minute SmartQuestionnaire to provide a deep dive into the behaviors that make leaders successful. Paradox Technology accurately determines whether your leadership strong behavioral traits are genuine strengths or costly derailers. Whether you are an emerging leader or senior leader, this essential understanding of leadership behaviors and stress responses can empower your career path.

Curate Your Personal "Legacy" Playlist

We will dive into what are your musical memories, musical motivations, and your musical mindset to develop a playlist for you to have the opportunity to be creative, productive, and empowering at the same time. The playlist will be uniquely yours and curated to your musical tastes.

Building Better Teams!

In today’s complex work environment, individual talent is not enough to succeed and team performance is equally critical to achieve targets. By identifying the team’s dynamics to maximize their strengths and develop their weaknesses, a manager relies on what they know, which can lead to bias and favoritism. Therefore, we provide a Team Workshop to help managers enhance team performance, by identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, as it relates to the team. Using the Harrison Assessment’s Paradox Theory will enable a deep understanding of the team interactions as well as how everyone’s behaviors contribute to or obstruct team objectives. Harrison’s Team Development results in a step-by-step plan in which each team member can adjust to improve team performance.

Remote Workforce Analytics

The face of sales is changing, and there is an overwhelming need to understand if an employee has the behavioral competency to work remotely. But there is no technology that is 100% reliable and we rely on our intuition. Therefore, we have a tool that has been developed to specifically assess Remote Work Behavioral Competencies to help organizations maximize performance and meet the challenges of working in a remote environment. Using the Harrison Unique Behavioral Competencies framework, we have developed two new competencies for Remote Productivity and Remote Communication. There are two versions of the competencies: One for remote workers and the other for leaders who manage remote workers.

Theme Song

As a company, do you want to create a Theme song to hit your goals? You will experience writing lyrics, defining a genre and receiving a completed song in MP$ format, to use for Team Meetings, National Sales Meetings, motivate individuals, remain committed to one goal or mission or even use your MVVGP to explore your company song.