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Music is a universal language that speaks to us all. Some songs provide peace and comfort, while others give us energy or spark a feeling of empowerment. No matter the genre, music plays an important role in our day to day lives. While each personal playlist may vary, songs are selected that appeal to our emotions. What if we could tap into music to unlock the potential leadership skills that we all possess at some level? What if we could combine the principle of business and humanity to encourage engagement, courage and authenticity?

Meet  Paula

Paula S. White, globally renowned sales leader and best-selling author, has blended her passions for music and business to create an innovative approach to leadership development called the Side B Style to Revenue Growth. As a transformative keynote speaker, Paula shares her own journey revealing that while she was amassing successes and climbing the corporate ladder, she realized that there was something off in her implementation of traditional leadership methods. Participants learn how using music as a foundation, leaders are able to better tap into their natural leadership language and positive behavior traits to serve the people they lead.

Paula’s timing couldn’t be better. As leaders, we have gotten to the point in our career where balancing the daily business grind has made it challenging for self-growth. As executives and their employees emerge into a post COVID landscape, she captures the audience’s imagination by examining a new kind of professional environment. A safe space where everyone is encouraged to bring their “whole self” to work and people are asked to take a “both/and” rather than an “either/or” approach to leadership – a place where both your Side A and your Side B can flourish, grow and inspire.

Keynote   Break The Silence In A Tech Driven World

We’re glued to our phones, and automation compromises human connection. The real kicker? Social skills are declining; we text instead of talk. This “social silence” trend is bleeding businesses dry.  The AxiosHQ 2023 Communication Report reveals that  poor communication costs U.S. businesses $2 trillion annually.  Leaders often claim they and their teams are in rhythm, knowing how to talk and listen. The reality is miscommunication isn’t a minor hiccup; it’s a crisis.

What if we could take an unconventional approach by addressing some of those essential skills that are notably absent in today’s business landscape? This action  enables individuals to uncover hidden talents, leading to growth and innovation. Much like a backstage crew at a concert, they often go unnoticed, quietly shaping the performance without ever stepping into the spotlight.

Paula S. White, a known Communication Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Author of “Side B: Remix Your Leadership Style,” coaches participants the concept that business success isn’t a one-hit wonder—it’s an ongoing jam session where communication is key. Her engaging and interactive sessions emphasize how human interaction, much like music, acts as a universal language and a powerful management tool to driving retention, productivity, and revenue.

Key Takeaways

  • Unlock the Conscious Listening Framework.
  • Enhance Communication to Inspire Creativity and Innovation.
  • Elevate Relationships by Leveraging Lexical Choices. 
  • BONUS: Overview of Body Language.

Speaking Testimonies

Paula's New Book

Side B: Remix your Leadership Style

Paula’s new book, Side B: Remix Your Leadership Style was an instant sell-out as readers responded to Paula’s strong message “Show up as the leader you were meant to be (and that your people need to see) with the power of your playlist.” Paula was also recently named Mentor of the Year by #GirlsClub, an organization that is committed to changing the face of sales by empowering more women to earn roles in leadership, helping reverse the zero growth trend of women leaders in sales. She is also an active member of the group Women Sales Pro, a virtual community championing more women in sales and sales leadership in companies with “male majority”​ sales teams – SaaS, tech, manufacturing, distribution, Fintech, financial services, utilities, and telecom.

Speaker  Bio

Paula S. White has an unwavering passion for music that she applies in order to bring new perspectives and open new possibilities for leaders. As a globally recognized sales leader, Paula has leveraged her talents to scale inside sales teams into multi-million stand-alone sales channels. She has helped organizations achieve 8%-10% yearly compounded growth, demonstrating success in a wide variety of industries. After working with Paula, leaders are transformed to listen to their inner rhythm and positive behavior traits to serve the people they lead.

Before pursuing her current passions through Side B Consulting, Paula enjoyed 15 years of success climbing the corporate ladder. This success included serving as President of the AA-ISP Columbus Ohio Chapter from 2015-2018, earning a spot as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Sales Leaders for 3 consecutive years, winning the award for Excellence in Execution in 2017 and being placed in Ambitions’ “Top 100 Coaches to Watch” in 2017 and 2018. But throughout those long years, Paula always felt that there was something off in her implementation of traditional leadership methods — they didn’t feel like her. Paula finally concluded that she needed to find her own distinct leadership style. After spending both time and money investing in pursuing the core skills that paralleled her unique values, Paula knew that she needed to share what she had learned with others.

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