Meet Paula

Paula White is a 2X Best Selling Author, Facilitator, Speaker, and visionary leader driven by an unwavering passion for music, which she seamlessly integrates to inspire a new perspective and unlock untapped potential in fellow leaders. With a unique blend of heart and intellect, Paula’s innovative approach transcends conventional boundaries, igniting transformative growth and driving unparalleled success.

As a globally recognized sales leader, Paula has developed sales strategies that have generated over $54 million in revenue, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. She has designed and scaled Inside Sales Teams into multi-million-dollar standalone sales channels, fueling remarkable 8% – 10% yearly compounded growth for diverse organizations spanning travel and tourism, investments, veterinary, and healthcare distribution. Paula’s track record of success underscores her exceptional ability to thrive across various sectors, leaving an enduring legacy of achievement wherever she goes.

Communication Coach

Sales Leader

Before embarking on her journey to develop the Conscious Communication Framework, Paula thrived for 20 years in her corporate climb to success. Her achievements included a notable stint as President of the AA-ISP Columbus Ohio Chapter from 2015-2018, consecutive recognition as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Sales Leaders for three years, winning the Excellence in Execution award in 2017, and securing a spot in Ambitions’ “Top 100 Coaches to Watch” in 2017 and 2018. 

However, amid these accomplishments, Paula sensed a misalignment with her use of traditional leadership methods over the years—they simply didn’t resonate with her true self. Eventually, Paula arrived at the realization that she needed to uncover her distinctive leadership and communication style. After dedicating both time and resources to pursuing skills that harmonized with her unique values, Paula felt a compelling need to impart her insights and knowledge to others.

Paula S. White, a globally acclaimed sales leader who has seamlessly fused her love for music and business to unleash the potential of leaders and sales professionals worldwide. She has crafted an inventive method for communication development that intertwines the realms of music, business principles, and human values to inspire engagement, courage, and authenticity. This groundbreaking initiative is aptly named T.R.U.E. Leadership.

Built upon the pillars of Trust, Respect, and Understanding that leads to Execution, Paula’s T.R.U.E. Leadership initiative serves as a transformative guide for individuals and organizations seeking to foster meaningful connections. With a melody of authenticity and a rhythm of courage, this innovative approach not only enhances communication skills but also cultivates a culture where collaboration flourishes.

Embark on an empowering journey through Paula S. White’s transformative workshop series, where she equips leaders and sales professionals to navigate the intricate interplay of business dynamics with a harmonious blend of humanity. Discover how to earn impactful and genuine connections in the professional realm, unlocking untapped potential and driving unprecedented success. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your leadership and sales strategies today.


Paula’s Assessments


High C & I

Passion Profile:

Healer, Builder and Altruist

Strength Finder:

Belief, Strategic, Focus, Achiever, Significance


Type 3 with a Type 2 and Type 6 wing



Side B Legacy Traits & Band


The Harmonica


The Drummer


The Rythm Guitarist

  • Paula invests a lot of energy into making the impossible happen.
  • She is a driving force of obtaining and expanding an organization’s presence in the market, creating a strong sense of urgency to deliver results.
  • Paula is always on the look out to raise the organizations profit, while benefiting the world at large.
  • Paula passionately seeks the source of turmoil to create peace, apply salve to open wounds, and mend broken relationships. 
  • She is very tuned into people, able to understand the motivations of people individually. 
  • Paula is passionate about sinking into the ROOT CAUSE of an issue, using both intelligence & intuition to do so.

Paula's Best Selling Book

Side B: Remix your Leadership Style

Genuine leadership has the potential to a long-lasting legacy. In Side B, author Paula S. White uses her keen insight for leadership and passion for music as she unlocks new doors for seasoned and aspiring leaders. Throughout Side B, readers will develop the ultimate leadership growth hack; their Side B Legacy.

The Side B Legacy is an X factor quality that draws its power from 10 positive emotion-based behaviors. In fostering these behaviors, readers will begin to see their life more like a composition of music, with each note ringing out and leaving behind lasting resonance.

As an acclaimed lyricist, coach, and lifelong lover of music, Paula S. White takes readers through a vision of cultivating a better work culture by getting in touch with their dormant leadership potential.

Side B helps leaders:

  • Develop an awareness for their emotion-based traits
  • Grow as leaders by building their own unique “Playlist”
  • Balance resume skills with character qualities
  • Understand how music can create lasting freedom for their health
  • Cultivate the ability to listen to an inner melody

Everybody has their practical, Side A behaviors that help them complete a resume and fit a job description. But it’s through the mastery of your Side B legacy that unlocks your true leadership potential.

Side B is a masterful composition and Paula S. White is its Maestra. Readers will develop an awareness of their potential and evolve into the leaders that they were truly meant to be.