The Bass Guitarist: Ethical

I would like to introduce The Bass Guitarist or the Ethical Legacy Behavior. Ethical, what an important legacy to leave, you are an exceptional communicator, deep in integrity and rich in unique sound. When the bass speaks, it is heard. It’s a little Stevie Ray Vaughn action at its best. We believe in the bass and the integrity it holds in the world. We know you speak the truth and are noticeably clear and direct in communication.

Having integrity is one thing, but in those small moments that you could slip in a little white lie or discourage something for another’s benefit, you don’t! You serve people with a command of your ethics and expect the same from everyone else.

This is probably the rarest legacy to lead with, but it can be done with their head held high. They are a bright spot of the organization. You are the Bass Guitarist. 

“Music has always been used as the gateway for change and conversation” -Kitty Cash

How can you spot The Bass Guitarist behaving in their Ethical Legacy?

  1. Execution with Engagement is their motto.
  2. The legacy they leave by being ethical is unassuming and rich.
  3. They are unpretentious, kind and have high expectations.
  4. They have an incredible do/say ratio.
  5. There are no assumptions made to dilute the truth.

About Paula S. White

A globally recognized sales leader with experience in scaling Inside Sales Teams into multi-million stand-alone sales channels. Using unique perspectives and a forward-thinking approach, while achieving 8% – 10% compounded yearly growth and leading from a foundation of heart and mind. A passion for people, purpose and results has lent itself to experience in a variety of industries: travel and tourism, investments, veterinary and healthcare distribution.