The Pianist: Sincerity

I would like to introduce The Pianist or the Sincerity Legacy Behavior.

The pianist seems to be strong in many paradoxical traits and have balance of both left and right brain or the ability to use both white and black keys of the piano. They can show discipline and yet be sincere.

If you recall, the pianist’s primary role is two-fold, to stand out or provide support to a song. In either scenario they are sincere and heartfelt, providing both harmony and melody, or decision making and conflict resolution.

If your behavior legacy is sincerity, I truly honor you and your willingness to show up just as you are. We see you taking the lead role, when necessary and taking the back seat for others to lead. You are the Pianist.

“One of the best ways to relate is giving them something musically” – Trinidad James

How can you spot The Pianist behaving in their Sincerity Legacy?

  1. Discipline with Sincerity is their motto.
  2. They are decisive in their decision-making approach to ensure it is inclusive and will benefit the company, as well as the people working.
  3. They handle conflict well and ensure that there is harmony amongst the group.
  4. Their decisions are based on risk and sincerity, not greed.
  5. Having balance is important to them.

About Paula S. White

A globally recognized sales leader with experience in scaling Inside Sales Teams into multi-million stand-alone sales channels. Using unique perspectives and a forward-thinking approach, while achieving 8% – 10% compounded yearly growth and leading from a foundation of heart and mind. A passion for people, purpose and results has lent itself to experience in a variety of industries: travel and tourism, investments, veterinary and healthcare distribution.