The Conga Drums: Courage

I would like to introduce The Conga Drums or the Courage Legacy Behavior. You stand in strength and do not fear change. You are easily adaptable, have you heard the conga drums, they are so simple, yet produce such bold sound. You probably have a crisis management plan prepared and if not, you are ready and willing to face any obstacle head on with courage and readiness.

This is what leading with a courageous legacy looks like, seeing people through tough situations with support and execution. You will not be deterred or defensive. You are The Conga Drums.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” Frank Zappa

How can you spot The Conga Drums behaving in their Courage Legacy?

  1. Implementation with Courage is their motto.
  2. They are open to flexibility and open to change.
  3. They are exceptional at heading off problems.
  4. People admire their versatility and bravery.
  5. They tend to sit in the background until they are needed.

About Paula S. White

A globally recognized sales leader with experience in scaling Inside Sales Teams into multi-million stand-alone sales channels. Using unique perspectives and a forward-thinking approach, while achieving 8% – 10% compounded yearly growth and leading from a foundation of heart and mind. A passion for people, purpose and results has lent itself to experience in a variety of industries: travel and tourism, investments, veterinary and healthcare distribution.