What Is Your Secret Sauce?

For years, leaders have asked me the same question. “What’s your secret sauce?”  

There is no recipe or secret sauce per se, but it does boil down to this simple truth: “Show up as your whole self and take care of your people.” 

Want Results?

In the simplest of terms – Be Present. Be courageous enough to get results by understanding at the deepest level, how to motivate a team. 

There are three ways to achieve this successfully: 

  1. At the final interview with a candidate, ask them to talk about their professional and personal goals. Then ask, “Why is it important?” Finally, ask, “What would it mean to achieve those goals?” (by the third time you will reach that personal goal). Sit back and listen.
  2. During the first week of onboarding, ask each new hire to write down and share, only if they are comfortable, both a professional and personal goal, along with their favorite band, song, or genre. This exercise gives an opportunity to personally identify with people. There is a greater chance to help people achieve and visualize their goals, understanding what drives them to achieve, and what success looks like in their eyes. 
  3. Before going into any of these exercises, find one song that puts you into a calm and peaceful mindset. This offers you a space where you can be fully present. In this space, you can clearly see how you can serve your team and help them achieve their goals.

When people know you have their back, you can inspire more productivity from them. Be intentional when you get to know their personal goals. Help people achieve those goals through genuine authenticity! 

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When I started to be true to myself, I began to build a foundation of results using a variety of techniques with a “People First” mindset. It is my belief that “People First” goes beyond a simple approach that translate to results.

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