Understanding Side A & Side B Leadership

Whether you are a (Side A) resume-based leader or a (Side B) emotion/relationship-orientated leader, having a clear understanding of your leadership style is important to improve and develop. It may come as a surprise to leaders that neither style is truly effective on its own. By finding a balance between both styles, you can become a much more effective leader

What is a “resume-based” leadership style? Side A

A resume-oriented leader is one who works strictly on their resume skills. They tend to be decisive and confident in taking charge. They are:

  • Focused
  • Logical
  • Organized

Typically, they set high expectations, both for themselves and those around them. Task-based activities are something they enjoy greatly.

A resume-oriented leader will likely be confident speaking out and direct with their language. At times, they may be skeptical and challenging, overlooking the feelings of their employees.

What is an “emotion-based” leadership style? Side B

An emotion-based leader is altruistic in nature, in touch with the wellbeing and care of others around them. They tend to be:

  • Trusting
  • Good listeners
  • Encouraging and supportive of their employees

Emotion-based leaders understand that their joy of helping others to develop and offer plenty of feedback is what provides results. 

Their instructions, however, may be less direct and not quite as focused as those of a resume-based leader.


It’s important to remember that it doesn’t have to be an “either/or” style! In fact, having a “both/and” mindset is advantageous for retention, engagement, creativity and results. 

Both Side A and Side B have their strengths, and the key to effective leadership is finding a balance between them both. However, having a clear idea of your natural leadership style will allow you to take steps to improve in weaker areas of your leadership.

How to Identify Your Natural Leadership Style

When establishing your natural leadership style, make sure that you are honest and reflect critically on your approach. This is a Self-Awareness Journey. 

Self-evaluation is also an excellent way to figure out which kind of leader you are. Take the time to reflect on your weaknesses, values, and personality traits. 

At Side B Consulting, we use the Harrison Technology™ that enables us to go wide and deep with personal analytics and data to build a measurable balance.

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