Profitability and Retention are at the Intersection of Co-Creation

We are smack dab in the middle of a work environment in chaos.  So many questions and ideas are filling the space with “I don’t know” or “what’s next?” Do we bring people back into the office, do we go completely remote or will a hybrid situation work? Why are people leaving the organization, or […]

Who Turned Off The Music?

Who Turned Off The Music? Music defines the timeline and memories of our lives. The songs our mother sang to us at night, the music we did homework to in grade school, the song we danced to at our high school prom, the music we blasted on the radio in the first car we ever […]

Music: The Untapped Advantage

Music: The Untapped Advantage I am often asked, “Why music? Why is music an inspiration?” Music is a universal language that transfers across all cultures, and when engaged properly, true transformation can happen. When you attach memories, motivations, thoughts, and actions to music, then the whole composition begins to be laid out in your mind […]

Diverse in Thought, United in Trust

Diversity of Thought & Trust: Where Will it Get Your Organization?  Music is universal and diverse! There are various genres, sounds, and languages, and we respect the artistic thoughts behind the notes of creativity. Does your boardroom have that type of diversity of thought and respect?  While each instrument brings a different sound, vibration, and […]

Why Side B?

Making Both Sides Your Good Side The debate of “Side B” or “B-side,” and the answer to the question I am always asked: Why is your book called Side B? There is no debate on the proper term; it is simply an evolution of music itself, much like leadership over the years. I chose to […]

Becoming a Rockstar Leader

After 30 years in “Corporate America”, I decided to start my career 2.0, in 2021. While this may not have been the time to become an entrepreneur, it certainly was time for a change for me, my health, and my family.  As a person who likes to build teams and help organizations, it was imperative […]

Understanding Side A & Side B Leadership

Whether you are a (Side A) resume-based leader or a (Side B) emotion/relationship-orientated leader, having a clear understanding of your leadership style is important to improve and develop. It may come as a surprise to leaders that neither style is truly effective on its own. By finding a balance between both styles, you can become a much more effective leader.  […]

What Is Your Secret Sauce?

For years, leaders have asked me the same question. “What’s your secret sauce?”   There is no recipe or secret sauce per se, but it does boil down to this simple truth: “Show up as your whole self and take care of your people.”  Want Results? In the simplest of terms – Be Present. Be courageous […]

Swimming Without Earbuds

In honor of the 2021 Summer Olympics ending in Tokyo. Each time I see swimming, it immediately takes me back to when I was a competitive swimmer. Swimming embraced my uber-competitive spirit and the drive to push myself to be the best!  When I was swimming, the water was clear, the lane dividers were in […]