Who Turned Off The Music?

Who Turned Off The Music?

Music defines the timeline and memories of our lives. The songs our mother sang to us at night, the music we did homework to in grade school, the song we danced to at our high school prom, the music we blasted on the radio in the first car we ever bought (mine was a red Maverick!), the first dance at our wedding.

And then?
We get busy. We rise up the ranks, and our focused time takes over. Creativity gives way to problem-solving. We live a life of triage, but we get promotions, salary hikes, recognition, and so on and so forth. Unfocused dreaming becomes a luxury or is relegated to a long weekend here or there at the lake. In other words, leading means doing, accomplishing, and making things happen.

Today, there’s no time for you to take off your leadership hat and let people get to know you—who you truly are and what makes you human. While we are working our way up the corporate ladder, we have turned off the music and began listening to talk radio, sports radio, or podcasts to and from work. While all those tap into your interests, they don’t allow for full expression of you and the freedom music can bring, especially when it comes to our emotions.

Leadership is about more than just responsibility and achievements; it’s about passion, courage, and overall drive. Music has the power to elevate leaders to reach what we only previously dreamt of, as it can inspire, motivate and teach. ⁠We only need to find our connection to it, again.⁠

Take a moment and look into your own life: where do you see that connection? What song places you right back into your childhood home? What beat never fails to get your toes tapping? That spark, that fire; it doesn’t simply burn out.

Let’s find that creativity again…and turn up the music.

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