Diverse in Thought, United in Trust

Diversity of Thought & Trust: Where Will it Get Your Organization? 

Music is universal and diverse! There are various genres, sounds, and languages, and we respect the artistic thoughts behind the notes of creativity. Does your boardroom have that type of diversity of thought and respect? 

While each instrument brings a different sound, vibration, and design, each instrument also has a job to do. Thus, as the leader/conductor, it is your job to direct the different “instruments” while protecting their unique sounds and outcomes (results). If everyone is willing to learn, listen, fine-tune, and be heard, the orchestra can play in harmony to drive extraordinary results and attain goals. 

Diversity of thought is what creates harmony within the musicality of an organization, and that sound is delivered to the customer by continuity, brand awareness, integrity, and trustworthiness. When an organization is synergetic and in harmony, the fans (customers) will perceive their experience as positive and authentic. Customers will then feel seen and heard as individuals. When customers receive outstanding experiences, that they trust are authentic, they are more likely to stay engaged, just like when we listen to the artists we enjoy over and over again. 

At its core, the trust that is being created amongst customers is started at the frontlines: the customer-facing employees. They are the ones leaders need to ensure are included in the band, as they are most visible and need to be seen as trustworthy. But trust throughout an organization starts with the leadership—the conductor. 

How Do You See Trust? 

Harmony in business? Not exactly…it starts with the leadership, leaders who say what they mean and do what they say, and leaders that are trusted. It is the leader who ensures collaboration and effectively sets goals that others (sales & operations) can achieve. If you are a leader that people trust, there is no doubt that they will go out of their way to perform at their best. The movie “Remember the Titans,” (added note: great soundtrack) was set in a time of racial divide and the coach’s purpose was to bring them together to be the best. While at football camp, the players were to take time to get to know each other, someone of different race, thoughts, and experiences.  At first, everyone was going through the motions and demonstrating a perfect example of failed leadership at the middle management level (the captains), you might say. Then the turning point…a player, Julias Campbell, said to Gerry Bertier, his captain, Attitude reflects leadership, captain.”  

Are You a Trustworthy Leader? 

Nowadays, trust is fragile and broken easily, quite different from decades past when one’s word was their bond, and a handshake closed the sale. I believe that leaders can behave in true service to their people; however, it is hard work. Regrettably, like anything else, sometimes a leader will give in and conform to how they think they are “supposed to lead” because it is easier. It takes courage and strength to show kindness, optimism, and trust. 

That is why I am on a mission to help the upcoming HiPo leaders understand that with trust comes loyalty, and that is represented in results when seen by customers, clients, co-workers, and leaders. 

Rock Your Talent!

~Paula White

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